Have you had a negative experience with a general contractor in the past? When you’re concerned that your investment in your property won’t offer returns you expect on the other side, you’re not alone.

In this blog, the team at Acumen Construction Management Inc has compiled some professional tips to help you foster a successful relationship with your general contracting business of choice. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of establishing clear expectations and following up regularly.

We’ll also highlight what you should reasonably expect from the builder you work with.

Read on to learn how to maximize your return on investment.

General Contractor Services: How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

When you’re investing in a renovation, home addition, or new construction project, partnering with a licensed contractor is essential for achieving a safe, valuable build.

Unfortunately, not every contractor offers the same quality work or service. We recommend adhering to the following tips to capture the most out of your investment.

Follow these suggestions to establish a successful partnership with your general contractor:

Select a Qualified, Experienced General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor with professional experience and official certification is essential. Licensed builders meet minimum quality standards and typically have builder’s insurance that safeguards you and your project against financial liability.

Partnering with a well-established contractor improves your odds of receiving exceptional craftsmanship and having your priorities catered to. You can check your contractor’s portfolio to see if they have experience working on the type of project you’ve hired them for. It’s a good way to gauge the quality of their services.

At a minimum, you should select a professionally licensed and insured contractor to manage your project.

Go Into a New Build or Remodel with Established Goals and Clear Building Objectives

While many contractors purport to have a service-oriented approach, taking the time to identify and clearly express your goals and expectations goes a long way.

If you have a clear vision for your property, outline how you want to make it a reality. Don’t be afraid to discuss your scheduling preferences, budget, and concerns. The more information you give, the more aligned you and your contractor will be.

Build a Strong Business Relationship with Your Builder Contractor from Day One

To get the most out of your investment in a general contracting service, you should establish a strong business relationship and maintain open lines of communication. Being honest with your contractor, listening to their input, and scheduling regular meetings helps you cement yourself as a partner and collaborator.

Although every contractor will have a different approach to their service, it’s important to remember that your relationship with your contractor needs to be fostered through honesty and mutual respect. If you feel like you’re not being listened to, try to establish an open dialogue to address that, or find a new company that makes you feel valued and prioritized.

Raise Questions and Ask for Project Updates from Your Construction Contractor Company

Staying informed about your project’s progress is critical for getting the most out of your investment and ensuring everything stays on track. Once you’ve established open lines of communication, you should feel confident to voice your concerns and ask for regular updates during the construction process.

Some sample questions you could ask your contractor include the following:

  • What’s the status of the project?
  • Can you provide an updated timeline for the remainder of the project?
  • Have there been any unforeseen circumstances or changes to the cost estimate?
  • Are there any subcontractors working on the project?
  • What kinds of permits does this project require, and have they been secured?
  • Can you provide any photos or documentation of your progress?
  • When can we schedule a walkthrough to review the final product?

Use your judgment, but don’t hesitate to ask questions and voice your concerns. Staying informed and letting your contractor know you want to stat current on any changes is a great way to avoid the unexpected.

What You Should Expect from a General Contractor

Now that we’ve highlighted some tips for getting the most out of your construction investment, it’s worthwhile to discuss what you should expect from a general contractor.

Every contractor and construction company will have their unique way of doing things, but there are a few key features of professional services you should always expect to receive:

Professional Project Management

One of the key responsibilities of a general contractor is to oversee your construction project with professionalism. You should expect your contractor to adhere to your project budget, establish clear construction timelines, and conduct inspections to ensure everything is up to code.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether you’re hiring a contractor for a remodeling project or new commercial construction, they should secure the necessary building permits and verify that all work complies with local building codes. The construction industry operates in line with strict protocols, and your contractor should be up to date with and adhere to all regulations precisely.

Communicative Service

While communicative service may not be a priority for all companies, it’s reasonable for you to expect to be kept in the loop and updated on any changes or challenges during construction. Your concerns and preferences matter, so you should work with a contractor who treats you as a valued partner.

Choose Construction Contractors That Prioritize Your Satisfaction

Establishing a successful relationship with your general contractor requires taking the time and effort to communicate your goals, advocate for yourself, and choose a qualified, experienced service provider.

Now that you’ve read our insider tips, you’re ready to develop a professional partnership with a contractor that optimizes their service to maximize your return on investment on your next project.

Do you have more questions about the steps a general builder should take to protect your budget and build timeline without compromising quality?

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