Anyone who’s worked an office job can tell you how the design and layout of their workspace impact their day-to-day.

From smaller details like aisle widths and lighting choices to more significant considerations like floorplan layout, numerous factors can positively and negatively affect productivity and corporate culture.

In this blog post, the commercial remodeling contractors at Acumen Construction Management Inc have taken the time to discuss the ways that office design impacts productivity. Through our training and many years of professional experience, we’ve learned all the dos and don’ts of commercial renovations.

Read on to learn more about the importance of forward-thinking office design and how you can harness this vital aspect of remodeling to maximize employee satisfaction in any commercial space.

5 Ways Your Office’s Design Impacts Your Employees

Finding ways to improve your team’s quality of life can boost your company’s productivity and improve your daily operations.

While numerous variables can impact your team, the layout and design of your office are sure to have a significant bearing on your employees.

Here are five aspects of office design and the ways they impact your team:

1. Office Floor Layout and Spatial Organization

The floorplan layout and spatial organization of your office can directly affect your employees’ productivity.

Striking a balance between personal and collaborative workspaces and creating an intuitive layout that facilitates easy access to necessary resources can minimize distractions and save time.

While there’s no universal design answer, it’s essential to consider what you value in your space. Cubicles can encourage individual focus but may create a sense of depersonalization and sterility. On the other hand, open-concept offices may cause distractions and create issues with noise and privacy.

How you organize your office sets an example for your team members and can have implicit and explicit effects on team building, communication, and concentration.

Some of the most popular layout options for offices include the following:

  • Open plan layout
  • Cubicle layout
  • Private offices
  • Combination layout
  • Activity-based working
  • Hot desking
  • Team-based layout
  • Landscape layout
  • …and more!

Will a reoptimized floor plan create opportunities for success within your workspace? Talk to your contractor to learn more about the possibilities specific to your space and business goals.

2. Office Lighting Installation

Research has shown that access to natural light and adjustable task lighting can significantly improve mood and well-being, which can impact productivity.

Does your team’s energy seem to waver towards the end of the day? Investing in renovating your lighting system or adding bigger windows can address those issues.

Adjustable task lighting and smart light features help reduce eye strain, which may affect individual concentration. Ahead of an office renovation, consult with your contractor to discuss how your business’s lighting can be optimized and consider how expanding access to natural light can help motivate and satisfy your team members.

3. Build Ergonomics Right into Your New Office Fitout

Without proper ergonomics, your new office space can have a negative physical and mental impact on your employees. Ergonomic office design isn’t just about ensuring your team has comfortable chairs; it’s about optimizing your space to minimize errors, simplify tasks, and improve safety and well-being.

Features like comfortable chairs and appropriate desk heights demonstrate your care for your employees and help minimize your team’s physical stress and discomfort. Ergonomic office designs are also about improving accessibility and making your space easier to navigate for your team.

4. Acoustic Considerations for Commercial Remodeling Projects

When considering a commercial remodeling project, thinking about the noise in your office is an underappreciated yet essential design component. Open-concept offices may look great and encourage collaboration among your team members, but they can also create issues with noise levels.

Depending on the size of your office, you may want to discuss design options with your remodeling contractor that include noise reduction measures. If you can’t control or minimize the volume of noise in your office, you may run into issues with employee concentration and focus in the future.

5. Remodeling Collaborative Business Spaces

Although many offices have private conference rooms, creating collaborative spaces for your team members can significantly impact productivity.

You may miss opportunities to foster innovation and team building without designated areas for your employees to discuss projects or brainstorm.

What Commercial Remodeling Contractors Add to Your Office

An interior designer or office administrator may handle the nitty-gritty of your office design, but commercial remodeling contractors have a significant impact on the layout and optimization of your space.

Contractors manage the structural and macro features of your office, and their craftsmanship significantly impacts the following:

  • Visual Identity: Depending on your industry and company values, you may have specific style and organizational preferences for your office. Commercial remodeling contractors help reinforce or create a distinct visual identity for your workplace. From murals to color palettes and standout features, your contractor will have the skills and resources to create a unique space that reflects your ethos and principles.
  • Corporate Culture and Professionalism: The maxim that “in business, image is everything” still holds true. Working with commercial remodeling contractors will help you lead by example and demonstrate your professionalism and unique company culture. From your office’s layout to the first impression clients have when they walk through your doors, it’s the job of your commercial renovation experts to ensure every aspect of your work environment is tailored to your preferences and reflects your company values.

Office Remodeling Contractors Help You Create High-Productivity Spaces

From ergonomics to physical well-being and concentration, the layout of your workspace directly impacts your employees and clients.

Now that you know how deeply office design can impact productivity and significantly affect your team’s daily operations, you’re ready to hire an office remodeling contractor to start designing a space that’s just right for your operations now and for many years to come.

Acumen Construction Management Inc’s reputation for excellence has been cemented through countless successful projects. We have an extensive portfolio of previous office renovations and are always happy to discuss your next project during a risk-free consultation.

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